In recent years Brown’s gas has turned from “burning water” sci-fi to a science-backed industry. We are the core group that feeds this industry with TOP TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-HOW on how to apply Brown’s gas to Aerospace, Mining, Distributed Energy, Shipping, Waste Management, Engine Maintenance, Health, Cosmetics and other PRO applications. Important to understand: We are building a Green Tech INDUSTRY – not a company or a product.Between multiple applications, our main focus is the use of water for saving energy/pollution in industrial applications – by mass producing the core products in Taiwan.To make this possible, we created a simple structure: WaterfuelPro™ comprises a core team of experts from Canada, UK, Taiwan, Israel, USA and Philippines.We have the technology and some factories but need HALF A MILLION companies of all sizes to do installations, distribution, manufacturing in other countries, franchising, financing, and dozens of other functions worldwide.The purpose of this web site is to show what YOU and your company can do profitably.



WADES: Water-Assisted Distributed Energy System

Distributed Energy System is scalable from 250 kW to 10+ MW
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SPOPP: Scalable Portable Ore Processing Plant

Mining, especially opportunity to extract precious metals from abandoned mines and tailings (mining waste)
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CCCCC: Comprehensive Computer-Controlled Carbon Cleaner

Portable system for carbon deposit removal, designed to quickly cover a larger geographical area
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CoRAL: Compact Robotic Assembly Line

Manufacture completely standard SISBG units in your country
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AMBEE: Aerospace/ Marine Brown’s gas Encapsulate Electrolyzer

Sold as IP to aerospace and marine industries. You can be a seller/deal finder, or user (e.g. airplane designer)
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Eco-friendly incinerator system, portable or stationary.
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AquaCure Model AC50

The MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly hydrogen-for-health machine - both for drinking and inhaling - developed by George Wiseman of Eagle-Research Inc.
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Standard units, either stand-alone (e.g. Diesel upgrade, welding) or as part of all systems below except AMBEE (aerospace)
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(1) WaterfuelPro™ is not a startup because we don't start from an idea or prototype - we have a live and tested technology in a small yet GROWING industry. We don't go via investments ➤ shareholders ➤ stocks ➤ exit. We will never "exit". We're building a big, all-inclusive, very-long-term industry - and we're here to stay.WaterfuelPro™ is best defined as an ALLIANCE: "an association to further the common interests of the members." [Webster Dictionary] (2) Waterfuel Without Frontier™ is best defined as a BMO - BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION: "a voluntary association bringing together businesses from specific business sectors to pursue common objectives." This is the organization we invite you to join.


Ozzie Freedom

Founder, System Integrator
Ozzie’s super powers are broad-angle view and the ability to organize large complexities into simplicity. Single-handedly created the Water4Gas movement (entry-level water fuel savers, ultimately exposed the core tech to over 100 million people) with zero ad budget. His original Blue Ocean Strategy was to PROPERLY open source a technology that everybody else were trying to hide, and also to create a worldwide experimenters club thus leveraging a huge base of expertise and vehicles.

Oliver Jeffrey P. Baumann

CoFounder, VP Marketing and PR
From his long career in Media, Marketing and Filmmaking, he advises the group on promotion/PR across USA, EU and globally. Has produced movies in Paris/Munich for 10 years, since then working in USA financial markets. Founded, managed Pipp Productions - TV commercials/informational/PR/fundraising/political films for NY/Philadelphia markets. Has put together bank–stock funding for Denver Tech Center from the Professional Bank of Colorado, and many other.

George Wiseman

Chief Brown’s Gas Technology Advisor, IP Source
President of Eagle-Research Ltd, Canada ( from whom WaterfuelPro Limited buys the core IP. World-renowned inventor, writer and consultant. Certified automotive technician. Has been researching alternative, sustainable energy technologies and high mileage techniques since 1974, and on-board electrolysis since the late 1980ʼs. Most of the current Brown’s Gas grassroots movement (including Ozzie’s) can be traced back to his groundbreaking research and books. George Wiseman is widely known in this industry as THE WORLD’S TOP EXPERT ON BROWN’S GAS.

Stafford Wheaton

Co-Founder, Engineering Director, Production Manager, Film Producer
At Mark Roberts Motion Control (Surrey, UK) he was head of Product Completion Division, extending to control all Robotic Camera Rigs Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, electronics design and coding. Since moving to Taiwan he continues to serve as debugger for Mark Roberts’ robot installations in China, UK and USA. With his great attention to details, Stafford can take any electronic design and make it better from the user’s point of view, more reliable and economical to maintain.

Michael Mironov

Marketing Advisor: Russia/EU/WW
Electronics Engineer and is also an independent WaterfuelPro sales rep at U-NRG (Ukraine). Ukraine born, he graduated Practical Engineering in RF Electronics at Ariel University, Israel, and then worked as a Procurement Manager for measurement equipment for the petroleum industry in Ukraine. Mr. Mironov has knowledge of Brown’s Gas, electronics, engines and general technology. Experienced in developing long-term client relations and marketing plans.

Grant Cardone

Sales Trainer
Grant Cardone is a bestselling author, world's #1 sales trainer, renowned speaker, international social media influencer and real estate mogul. Mr. Cardone not only gets to train our sales team exclusively but also has inspired our core values and overall business strategy – mainly through his 10X Rule expansion philosophy.

Director of Legal Affairs (DLA)

Our team requires a Director of Legal Affairs partner with the following qualifications: has an active legal practice in Taipei or Kaohsiung, Taiwan; specializes in commercial law and can supervise our international trade (franchise, securities, corporate governance, employment, litigation, real estate, contracts and intellectual property law); will work directly with our execs and staff on complying with government laws at all times. Contact us

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Our team requires a CPA partner with the following qualifications: has an active accounting practice in Taipei or Kaohsiung, Taiwan; to help establish financial presence in Taiwan legally and advise on tax planning; also financial reporting and analysis, payroll, balance sheet reconciliations, assistance with audits, and support of other team members including invoicing and billing functions. Contact us


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