Automotive businesses offer their clients to boost performance by cleaning carbon deposits using nothing but Brown’s gas. Since no installation is done, it’s perfect for classic and exotic cars, motorcycles, yachts and speedboats – or any equipment that’s being leased, used in racing or for any other reason you cannot install on-board or on-site Brown’s gas generators.

These videos by Epoch Energy Technology Corporation (Taiwan) show carbon cleaning of a sports car in Singapore, a Harley Davidson bike in America and in Sydney, Australia a racing car, a light pickup truck and several other vehicles:3

This recently added surefire project is going to be very popular because the basic technology is already marketed today from Asia and is becoming popular in the UK, Arab countries and East Asia.

It provides a SERVICE ORIENTED business opportunity in which YOU give service in your area, not us. The service is targeted at:


- Trucks
- Buses
- Bikes
- Yachts
- Airplanes
- Stationary engines

And wherever else the owner wants performance but does not or cannot install Brown’s gas equipment on-board the vehicle/engine.

At the bottom right of the image you’re looking at ads collected on Facebook, where UK small firms that use various Brown’s gas equipment (Asian-made by Epoch, OK Energy, King Kar and others), they charge up to 80 pounds for each half-hour cleaning cycle.

Globally there are millions of vehicles, generators and industrial engines that require cleaning ON A ROUTINE BASIS – a big niche currently estimated at 250 billion dollar a year.

Our Advantages

1. The superior technology in our basic building block – SISBG standardized Brown’s gas generator,
2. Our innovative system is still under development but we already know it’s going to be sexier with its unique design that contains more yet fits into a much smaller van,
3. It allows the operator multiple streams of income,
4. Built-in features for quicker expansion.


Details of our specific design will be released later.

For now, what can be revealed is:

- 1 SISBG standardized Brown’s gas generator
- Multi-function computer system
- Special tools.


$50k per system, with 95% certainty.

At this time of writing, Feb. 2019, there is no system of comparable functionality and with capacity to grow the business quickly.

Opportunity Potential to Owner/Operator

The following EXAMPLE (FICTIONAL) business plan based on a plan appearing in the book The GREEN SCIENCE of Waterfuel, Chapter 41:

Business Plan for Joe’s Carbon Cleaning Mobile Service

NOTE: Joe Bloe is a non-existent person and this EXAMPLE (FICTIONAL) BUSINESS PLAN is for educational purposes only! I wrote this plan and you are welcome to “steal” it for your own business. (~Ozzie)

Executive Summary

For the past 25 years Mr. Joe Bloe has been a successful car mechanic in Tarzana, California and now wishes to move to Encino, California. In the past 3 years Joe has been trained and specialized in imported and domestic luxury cars. His career goal is to be able to retire in Encino after developing and selling the Carbon Cleaning Mobile Service that he is planning to start. His target market are local residents with high-end cars and also classic cars that they would like to preserve in pristine condition without modification.

Carbon Cleaning with Brown’s Gas is an emerging business opportunity with little competition in the Encino, Sherman Oaks and Studio City area. Joe is certain that with his mechanic’s license and 25?year business experience he can develop a new mobile service based on this existing and tried technology, starting with a $42k business loan to become debt-free in 12 months or less, and sell the business within 10 years with enough savings to retire in La Paz, Bolivia.

Requirements in Space and Equipment

- Carbon Cleaning Machine: 1 Brown’s Gas Carbon Cleaning System, $50k from Company X, address Y,

      - Hook-ups (hose, extension cable): provided with the system,

      -Tools: Joe has his own mobile tool set, and all specialty tools are provided with the system,

- Dedicated Vehicle: Joe will purchase a $9,000 minivan (Chevrolet City Express LS 2015). Joe is certain that his experience and auto parts sources will suffice to keep this vehicle running smoothly until he can upgrade to a new minivan by using future profits,

- Licensing: Joe already has a mechanic license registered in the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles; the annual fees to register a mobile mechanic business are $300 to the Department of Motor Vehicles, $250 to the City of Encino and $250 to the City of Los Angeles, {these are invented fees for the sake of discussion}

- Space: not required, since the business will all run out of the vehicle that will contain all tools and consumables needed to reach clients and provide services,

- Total Funds Required: $59,550.


Joe will work from home or garage in Encino, California. He will run his business exclusively out of the vehicle where he will keep the cleaning machine, the hookups and consumables.

How this investment will pay for itself

FINANCING: Joe will invest $9,550 of his own savings and would therefore need $50k in external financing.


20-40 minutes cleaning service per vehicle,
Plus 10 minutes for hook-up, collection, etc.
Assuming total work 45-50 minutes/vehicle on the average,
Assume an average of 1.5 vehicles per location,
Average drive between locations: ½ hour max. because most customer visits (going out to them) will be outside of Los Angeles rush hours,
Daily Total: 11 vehicles x $75 = $825 gross income,
Monthly total: $18,300 gross income.


Consumables: catalyst, $10/mo.
Transportation (200 miles/day, gas $4.20): $,1540
Insurance & overhead: $310
Loan Payments: $613 (as shown above per SBA small business rates)
Total expenses: $2,473


The monthly gross profit, assuming at first only 20% of the $18,300 of normal operation, would be $3,660.

Assuming such slow start in the first 90 days, this minimal income still allows for positive cashflow (take home $1,187).

Hence, with the first month’s revenues Joe should be able to start paying off the loan.

After stabilizing (first year) at $18,300 gross income and total expenses of $2,473, Joe will be left with of $15,827 take-home monthly income before tax.

Yearly Income

Assuming low-cost expenses on the vehicle due to Joe’s ability to keep the old and the new minivans running at top condition, the yearly gross profit would be:

$18.3k x 12 mo. = $219,600
General Overhead: $29,676
Financing: $7,356
Take home: $182,568 annually on rough average
This also means that Joe can comfortably repay the loan in full by the end of 12 months.
Assuming 30% yearly growth starting from 50% of that average, Joe’s business yearly net income is projected to be as follows:

Year-1: $83k; Year-2: $108k; Year-3: $160k; Year-4: $180k; Year-5: $220k.

Exit Strategy

Mr. Joe Bloe expects to pay off the business loan within 24 months rather than 10 years. At the end of Year?5 he will consider selling the business or keep running it for two more years before selling and retiring.