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NAME CHANGE : WaterfuelPro Limited, registered January 2017 in Hong Kong, has been dissolved. In February 2019 we moved our entire operation base to Taiwan - the Republic of China. Setting up a Taiwanese company is in progress, however in Taiwan you cannot register an English name, only a Mandarin one. The name WaterfuelPro™ still describes us internationally, and we'll publish the Traditional Chinese name once registration has been completed; preliminary, it is spelled 水燃料專業的™ (Water-Fuel-Professional).


WaterfuelPro has formed an international ALLIANCE with Canadian, UK, Taiwanese, Israeli and Philippine experts TO BUILD A GLOBAL INDUSTRY of using water for saving energy/pollution in industrial applications – by mass producing it in Taiwan. We are not a "startup" that starts from an idea or prototype. We also do not go the route of investments-shareholders-stocks-exit. We will never exit. We're building a huge, all-inclusive, very-long-term industry and we're here to stay.

We ceased presenting our cause as "startup" because it means everything that we're not. The word ALLIANCE best describes what we really are, as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Alliance (noun)
(2): an association to further the common interests of the members.


Anybody telling you that Brown's gas is science fiction or hoax? Show him the LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS and also The 10 Biggest Secrets of the Waterfuel Industry. If they still attack you with silly claims and rumors - BACK OFF as you're dealing with mad dogs that can only drain your energy and waste your time. We have the COMPLETE and undeniable science all in one place:

Our core product already exists and sold - yet most clients don't know about it, or don't understand how they can use it to boost profitability. Asian Brown's gas industry is growing too slowly due to quality issues and old-school marketing. By revolutionizing manufacturing AND marketing while bringing quality to air force levels - we can ~1000X the Brown's gas industry while supporting Big Oil's long-term profitability.

We're building an industry, not a company. Much to do, much to teach, much to learn, never a dull moment. Full business plan available.


Vision: We are Cleantech engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that Waterfuel (defined below) does NOT replace but is SUPERIOR to Solar and Wind for its smaller investments, application variety, mobility and land use reasons - and is therefore worth pursuing. Our ultimate vision is a thriving $37TN/yr Brown's gas industry helping 500,000 businesses and billions of end users through global cooperation and JVs, while we cut a tiny coupon in own profit. We help global economy and the environment by making Waterfuel available, well-understood and the most economical, immediate choice of Cleantech.

Our Mission is to boom (fast expand) the existing Waterfuel industry by:

  • Leading the way in innovation, quality and safety,
  • Teaching selected clients how to do the same, thus creating satellite companies.

Core Values

We strive to be ethical and helpful to everyone we work with and serve, as we strongly believe that the best type of business is the one that puts service first, before profit, before our own comfort. Service to the client, to society, to our countries, to the environment and to all workers whether our own, client's workers, consultants, distributors and their employees; these people are our both our colleagues and our larger family. 

The "Core Values" diagram says the same thing in art form:

  1. SHARING shows itself in how we share technology and knowledge without the restrictions of patents and secrets. There's more than enough dough for everybody. Only those who are afraid of having to work outside their comfort zone will hide information that Humanity needs. We see MORE profits and MORE friends in sharing. Do you?
  2. HOME, FAMILY & PLANET means we're doing business without forgetting for a second that we can eat neither dollars nor gold coins. Nor can we breathe bank statements. If you join us, do it for the reason of self-preservation ON ALL LEVELS.
  3. CLIENT'S PROFITS FIRST is a concept that comes from a very simple place: giving and caring is not only a "be good" value but more so the understanding this IS the way to do good business - put the client first and it will come back with interest - not necessarily from the very same client you're dealing with at the moment.
  4.  HUMAN RIGHTS and WORKER SAFETY also comes from CARING about our clients. Our real client - in our concept - is not only the person signing on an order but also his or her employees, family, friends and community. We design our machines, projects and business ties with both of these factors in mind. 
  5. ZERO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY is not a slogan but a way of life. And by "quality" we not only think about material grade and impressive features, but even more so about what REAL quality is - it's that which answer the question: what does the end user really want and really needs? 


Watch these demonstrations of how well, fast and safe Brown’s Gas can weld – by Chuck Byerly, Denny Klein, Donald Wann, and others:

Brown’s Gas Applications, Greater Safety, Metal Work, Cooking, Boiler – Brian Aiello, Epoch Energy Technology Corporation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan - PART 1/3:

PART 2/3:

PART 3/3:

Brown’s Gas Water Torch Research, Applications – George Wiseman, Eagle-Research:

Important and historically priceless – watch Brown’s gas demonstrations from Yull Brown himself:


Ozzie Freedom

Founder, System Integrator
Ozzie’s super powers are broad-angle view and the ability to organize large complexities into simplicity. Single-handedly created the Water4Gas movement (entry-level water fuel savers, ultimately exposed the core tech to over 100 million people) with zero ad budget. His original Blue Ocean Strategy was to PROPERLY open source a technology that everybody else were trying to hide, and also to create a worldwide experimenters club thus leveraging a huge base of expertise and vehicles.

Oliver Jeffrey P. Baumann

CoFounder, VP Marketing and PR
From his long career in Media, Marketing and Filmmaking, he advises the group on promotion/PR across USA, EU and globally. Has produced movies in Paris/Munich for 10 years, since then working in USA financial markets. Founded, managed Pipp Productions - TV commercials/informational/PR/fundraising/political films for NY/Philadelphia markets. Has put together bank–stock funding for Denver Tech Center from the Professional Bank of Colorado, and many other.

George Wiseman

Chief Brown’s Gas Technology Advisor, IP Source
President of Eagle-Research Ltd, Canada (www.Eagle-Research.com) from whom WaterfuelPro Limited buys the core IP. World-renowned inventor, writer and consultant. Certified automotive technician. Has been researching alternative, sustainable energy technologies and high mileage techniques since 1974, and on-board electrolysis since the late 1980ʼs. Most of the current Brown’s Gas grassroots movement (including Ozzie’s) can be traced back to his groundbreaking research and books. George Wiseman is widely known in this industry as THE WORLD’S TOP EXPERT ON BROWN’S GAS.

Stafford Wheaton

Co-Founder, Engineering Director, Production Manager, Film Producer
At Mark Roberts Motion Control (Surrey, UK) he was head of Product Completion Division, extending to control all Robotic Camera Rigs Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, electronics design and coding. Since moving to Taiwan he continues to serve as debugger for Mark Roberts’ robot installations in China, UK and USA. With his great attention to details, Stafford can take any electronic design and make it better from the user’s point of view, more reliable and economical to maintain.

Patrick Valtin

Hiring and Sales Training
Patrick is CEO/President of New Era Management International, Inc. as well as the founder of one of the biggest management training firms in Europe. Patrick has traveled to over 30 countries, training more than 100,000 people in the areas of sales, marketing, organization and leadership. Organizations that have attended his seminars include the USPS, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Mercedes, IBM, Remax and Century 21.

Grant Cardone

Strategy and Sales Training
Grant Cardone is a bestselling author, world's #1 sales trainer, renowned speaker, international social media influencer and real estate mogul. Mr. Cardone not only gets to train our sales team exclusively but also has inspired our core values and overall business strategy – mainly through his 10X Rule expansion philosophy.

Director of Legal Affairs (DLA)

Our team requires a Director of Legal Affairs partner with the following qualifications: has an active legal practice in Taipei or Kaohsiung, Taiwan; specializes in commercial law and can supervise our international trade (franchise, securities, corporate governance, employment, litigation, real estate, contracts and intellectual property law); will work directly with our execs and staff on complying with government laws at all times. Contact us

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Our team requires a CPA partner with the following qualifications: has an active accounting practice in Taipei or Kaohsiung, Taiwan; to help establish financial presence in Taiwan legally and advise on tax planning; also financial reporting and analysis, payroll, balance sheet reconciliations, assistance with audits, and support of other team members including invoicing and billing functions. Contact us


What Is Waterfuel Anyway?

What it is not: one thing you will NOT see here is "water-car" theories. Everything here is backed up by published science that has been tested on real engines and many industrial applications. So, what is "Waterfuel"? In broad generality, it is energy extracted from water or with water, and there are multiple ways to do that. Nowadays its most popular method is using water to make a supplement – and in some cases complete substitute - to any fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal). The main benefits of Waterfuel are better economy, eco-friendliness and safety. In contrast to common belief, Waterfuel is not a new invention – in fact it has been invented hundreds of years ago - but it HAS BEEN FULLY MODERNIZED to meet the demands and standards of the 21st century. WaterfuelPro™ takes it several steps further. But we haven't invented it; it's not new and the proof is in the book "The GREEN SCIENCE of Waterfuel" (find it in Downloads). We spell it as a single word, always capitalized - Waterfuel - to signify that we're talking about this specialized field of technology. Waterfuel is a niche of Cleantech (see definition by Investopedia) and is the emerging sister of Solar and Wind energy. This basic definition is simple - but we drive the DETAILS to top professionalism. For better clarity watch the Presentation.

Business Philosophy

Waterfuel is a growth industry – a Cleantech niche that grows alongside Solar, Wind, efficient electricity, etc. The clients of our Machines Division are end users of the technology, namely factories and other professional users. We sell them machines and/or enhancements to their machines and power plants. Technically, our business philosophy focuses on two major principles:
1. Our customer’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – everybody wants to save on costs of fuel, which we deliver – but we can also help you save extra on DOWNTOWN and when applicable also eliminate POLLUTION PENALTIES; and
2. We stress the highest standards of quality and SAFETY – both for your employees and sensitive environments (explosive and/or marine environments) – certified by top testing and certification bodies.

Clients of our Academic Division are those who wish to profit from this growth industry while helping the environment; they come to us to learn the science, the technical innovations, our marketing philosophy and much more – so they can set up their own successful Waterfuel operations in their preferred country. These satellite companies contribute to the progress of the entire Waterfuel Industry – because “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Our leading principle is to serve many clients and help the Waterfuel industry expand as fast as it should – while staying lean, agile and fast-moving. To implement this principle, WaterfuelPro™ is being set up as an active commercial company in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., to take advantage of the country's MANUFACTURING POWER that comes with nothing but TOP QUALITY, FAST COMMERCE LINES and unparalleled ETHICAL CONDUCT including respect of IP. Where else can you find such a power combo?


Machines Division

ABSTRACT: Our Machines Division (WaterfuelPro Industries™) produces Waterfuel machines for industrial and professional applications. Here we design them, build them - and if need be, also integrate with sister technologies (e.g., Solar Panels).


This Division is separate from, but cooperates with, our Academic Division Division. The Machines Division has the following duties and functions:

1. Designs Waterfuel machines for industrial and professional applications;

2. Manufactures Waterfuel machines for industry – check our PRODUCTS section for the latest models;

3. Develops other machines and systems on demand, especially for large-scale projects such as marine transportation, power plants and mining systems;

4. Takes care of quality and standards, first in Certification to international standards and then in Quality Assurance. 

The exchanges and collaborations between our Machines Division and our Academic Division Division are as followed:

--The Machines Division manufactures PORTABLE DEMO machines to be used by trainees of the Academy Division.

--On-Job Training (OJT): Trainees of the Academy Division who get their training in our facilities get a rare chance to learn straight from the source by participating in the manufacturing, quality assurance and support functions.

--Both in-house trainees and remote students get a very detailed insight into the unique procedures used by the Machines Division. On the return flow, they also provide feedback on their difficulties and success. This two-way exchange of information is vital for fast expansion of both Divisions and for the ultimate success of the entire Waterfuel Industry.

Academic Division

Our Academic Division (WaterfuelPro University™) provides the following services and products:

1. Courses to train Waterfuel professionals:

     - Installers,

     - Mechanics,

     - Safety inspectors,

     - Fuel economy advisers.

2. Sales training adapted to this industry.

3. Advice to entrepreneurs who consider opening a small, medium or large business in any niche of the Waterfuel industry.

4. Teaching aids to explain how Waterfuel works – and more importantly PORTABLE DEMO MACHINES to demonstrate Waterfuel in action.

5. With proper licensing we can teach you how to open your own manufacturing facility and/or training center in your country.

Our Academy is not an accredited institution but we do provide certificates to every graduate – and more importantly ONGOING POSTGRADUATE SUPPORT which is vital in these fast changing energy markets.

Development Division

This division has been established to serve Green Energy energy inventors and innovators.

If you are a Cleantech inventor or entrepreneur with a bright invention or project idea, please contact us

Please note that we can help you with creations that are mature to the point we can PUT THEM INTO INDUSTRY and conform to our Core Values shown above, therefore we would require three things from you:

(1) A working prototype that we can test in Taiwan, 

(2) Blueprints for making your product or project, 

(3) It must be a beneficial Green Technology that you're willing to share with all of Humanity.