how to use Waterfuel in your business 2023


Saturday, 18 March, 2023


Online Webinar, replay in 8 time zones

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About the Event

This is a webinar aimed at business owner, or any PROFESSIONAL (even if still a student) intending to open a business soon.

It will be conducted in the English language (we try to keep it simple for our foreign friends) and will be transferred via Internet browser, and possibly via phone too depending on the number of attendees.

So many questions arise when business people hear about Waterfuel for the first time from a serious source. Many of them either assume that is sci-fi - or have no idea on how it can possibly apply to their business.

You surely have questions now, and it is a sure thing that you will have even more question when you attend this seminar. We see it happen time after time as the possibilities spread before someone who's new to the subject - their mind expands but there is not easy to determine:

(1) "WHAT technology or opportunity is right for me?"

(2) "Assuming that it's OK as a business idea in general - HOW does it apply to MY business?"

(3) "What are my risks vs. opportunities?"

(4) "How much would I have to invest, if at all?"

Therefore, the aim of this webinar is not to educate you about every little aspect of applying to your business, but to reduce the chaos of TOO MANY QUESTIONS to a bit more clarity on the subject.

The next step may be talk one-on-one with one of our business specialist - or attend more events until you're ready to do so.

Limited number of attendees. Fill in the form below to reserve your place.