SHORT Video Presentations:

1. 30-Sec. Presentation--(0:32 min. long)
2. Distributor/Client Presentation--(3:43 min. long)
3. Cashflow Presentation--(2:54 min. long)


4. By request only (over 1 hour long)


WaterfuelPro in 30-Seconds

Preliminary - we're in funding phase.

This video provides is a quick overview on:

-- What is Waterfuel Technology, 

-- Core Product - from Canada to mass production in Taiwan,

-- Sound-bite info about major projects.


Distributor/Client Presentation

Preliminary - we're in funding phase.

This video describes:

-- BENEFITS of our tech in ENGINES/BOILERS etc, 

-- APPLICATIONS (partial list) - save and reduce pollution in engines/power plants,  clean engines as service, mining, boilers, waste disposal, pharma/cosmetics, 

-- ADVANTAGES over Solar and Wind - and POSITIONING overview,

-- Top-5 Reasons for DISTRIBUTORS and CLIENTS to work with us.


Cashflow Presentation

Preliminary - we're in funding phase.

This video gives a bit more info about 5-year cashflow of our core group:
-- Core product - Brown's gas generator, for stand alone use such as welding, and as a building block for systems,
-- Distributed Energy - our gas generator +microturbine(s), scalable normally between 250 kW and 10 MW.
-- Mining - unique system for mining, not about pollution but ore extraction,
-- Robotics,
-- Aerospace - offered as IP to aerospace/marine manufactures,
-- Auto service - offered as franchise.


Watch these demonstrations of how well, fast and safe Brown’s Gas can weld – by Chuck Byerly, Denny Klein, Donald Wann, and others:

Brown’s Gas Applications, Greater Safety, Metal Work, Cooking, Boiler – Brian Aiello, Epoch Energy Technology Corporation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan - PART 1/3:

PART 2/3:

PART 3/3:

Brown’s Gas Water Torch Research, Applications – George Wiseman, Eagle-Research:

Important and historically priceless – watch Brown’s gas demonstrations from Yull Brown himself: